Ole Häntzschel is a Berlin-based graphic-designer and illustrator, specialised in information graphics. In his practice he communicates complex data in a visually engaging way. He often works together with journalists and through his illustrations complicated matters become accessible. His mission is the unmasking of little-known facts and inconvenient truths through graphics, something that he feels has never been more relevant considering the current climate of post truth politics. Häntzschel works for numerous German and international news outlets, papers, magazines, for exhibitions and the web. His work has been awarded various prizes amongst them the Malofiej award. He teaches regularly and holds workshops at universities.


2017 1. Price of the dpa-Infografik-Award for “Defence-Budget Worldmap” from Capital-Magazin

2017 3. Price of the dpa-Infografik-Award for “Agricultural Crops” from Forschungsfelder-Magazin

2014 Bronzemedal for “World of Weapons” from Zeit Magazin at Malofiej Infographic Award of the Society of News Design
(with Matthias Stolz)

2013 2nd price of the dpa-Infografik-Awards (Interactive) for “Voter-Migration” for
(with Christian Gross)

2013 Bronzemedal for “That’s for sure” from Fluter at Malofiej Infographic Award of the Society of News Design

2012 1st price of the dpa-Infografik-Award for “Atlas of Accidents” from the Swiss Sonntagszeitung

2012 Silvermedal for info-graphics in Fluter, NZZ Folio and Zeit Magazin at Malofiej Infographic Award of the Society of News Design

2010 1st price of the dpa-Infografik-Award for “Green-o-Gram” from ZEIT Magazin (4/2010)

2009 Goldmedal for Maps of Germany in Zeit Magazin at Malofiej Infographic Award of the Society of News Design

2007 Red Dot Award for Atlas of Anxiety Input:Output Award for Atlas of Anxiety

2006 Encore cover-contest: Handmade Typography (with Lisa Rave)


for “Information & Image” at
the University of Applied Science Potsdam
Summer 2022


for Data Visualization
at Berlin International University
Spring semester 2022

for IIllustrative Infographics at
the University of Applied Science Potsdam
Winter 2010/11 and Summer 2012


University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Keynote Speaker and Jury. Mobility Days Mumbai 2020,
International Institute for Information Design/IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, India

Production manager meeting of the German publishers, Irsee Monastery
, Kloster Irsee

MPM Mainz

University of Art and Design Offenbach

University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

ZHDK Zurich University of the Arts

TH Nuremberg

HTW Berlin

Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Putsch – New Political Imageculture

University of the Arts Berlin

dpa German Press Agency

Literarischer Salon Hannover

GIM Heidelberg

University, Munich

Johannes Gutenberg-
University, Mainz

BOOKS (published)

How much rainforest can fit on this bread?
Amazing graphics about climate and environment
with Matthias Stolz
Tessloff, 2021

What the fact!?
Why we are wrong so often
with Tobias Moorstedt
Hoffmann und Campe, 2020

Atlas Of Inconvenient Truth
With Matthias Stolz
Droemer, 2017

Nach dem Wochenende bin ich erstmal #krank – Was Instagram über uns verrät
Mit Tin Fischer und David Goldwach
Piper, 2016

XX XY – Frauen und Männer
Mit Matthias Stolz
Droemer-Knaur, 2013

Die Welt der Informationen
Mit Matthias Stolz
Droemer-Knaur, 2011

Die große Jahresschau 2010
Mit Matthias Stolz
Droemer-Knaur, 2010


1000 kilometers of Germany
Data, facts, contrasts on the longest railway line
Julius Tröger
Rowohlt, 2018

Food & Drink Infographics.
A Visual Guide to Culinary Pleasures
Julius Wiedemann, Simone Klabin
Taschen, 2018

Understanding the World
Sandra Rendgen/Julius Weidemann
Taschen, 2014

Make More Love
Ann-Marlene Henning,
Anika von Keiser
Rogner&Bernhard, 2014

Around the World
Andrew Losowsky, Sven Ehmann,
Robert Klanten
Gestalten, 2013

Make Love
Ann-Marlene Henning,
Tina Bremer-Olszewski
Rogner&Bernhard, 2012

Information Graphics
Sandra Rendgen/Julius Weidemann
Taschen, 2012

Matthias Stolz
Droemer-Knaur, 2010


Humboldt Forum Berlin
Info Graphics about global death
Curator: Detlef Vögeli
Data and Research: Johan Dehoust (Nansen&Piccard)
March-November 2023

Common Knowledge
Ideas against the information crisis
BIO26 | Design Biennale Ljubljana at Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden
Presentation of some of my work
June 2020

New Media
DASA Dortmund
Design of five globes on the topics of freedom of press and digitization

BIO26 | Common Knowledge
26th Biennial of Design
Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana, Slovenia
Presentation of some of my work

Money – beyond good and bad
Stapferhaus Lenzburg, Switzerland
Design of infographics on the topic of money in church window and altar shape


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